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Nia's Recipes was created and founded by Tonia Baker, a wife and mother of three whose passion has always been hair care. For years, she was a licensed hairstylist known for mixing products together to come up with her own concoctions. As her life became a bit busier, Nia decided to stop physically doing hair, but still needed an outlet, so it was no surprise when she decided to start making her own products. Nia noticed how well her and her daughter's hair responded to her products, so she decided to share them with close friends and family. To her pleasant surprise (not really a surprise), her family and friends really liked the products and kept requesting more! That's when Nia knew she had something she needed to share with even more people.  


Nia's Recipes' philosophy is to be: multipurpose, high quality, reliable and a staple in your household. Nia's Recipes was created to keep things simple and convenient for your hair and body needs using basic and wholesome ingredients.  Although Nia's Recipes inspiration was her and her daughter's own natural hair, her products - with adjustments, can be used on all hair types!

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